The Value of Independence in a Shifting Media Landscape

Kamaron Leach

Byron Allen

CEO, Allen Media Group

Byron Allen has always been fiercely independent. Driven by a desire to build something of his own, Allen founded Allen Media Group in 1993, which now encompasses AMG Entertainment Studios and its expanding portfolio of 10 cable networks, including the Weather Channel, JusticeCentral.TV, and Cars.TV, a theatrical movie distribution company and, most recently, a growing stable of Big Four-affiliate broadcast television stations.

In this robust conversation, Allen will discuss how to navigate content distribution in a shifting marketplace, the vitality of broadcast news and its foundational role in upholding the pillars of not just the media business but democracy as a whole, how AMG is breaking new ground in transparent data analytics and audience measurement, and why Allen has been a staunch champion of diversity, equality and creating a level playing field in all areas of the business. Hear why Allen’s core ethos of staying self-reliant and independent is key to not just surviving, but thriving, in a shifting media landscape. 

SPEAKERS: Byron Allen, CEO, Allen Media Group

MODERATOR: Kamaron Leach, CEO,Leach Ventures

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