Super Serious - Everything is Entertainment

Terry Crews

Actor, CEO and Co-Founder, Super Serious

Paul Sutton

CCO and Partner, Super Serious

Matt O'Rourke

Co-Founder, Super Serious

Hollywood stalwart and live television sensation, Terry Crews, is taking a bold step into the creative agency realm with the launch of his new company Super Serious. The venture aims to redefine entertainment across various mediums including TV, movies, concerts, art, live events, physical products and branded content. The inception of Super Serious also marks a reunion for Crews with Co-Founder Matt O’Rourke – the pair worked together on the now legendary Old Spice campaign while O'Rourke was at Wieden and Kennedy, which revolutionized brand engagement through entertainment. Joining Crews and O'Rourke is COO and Partner Paul Sutton, a legend in the advertising world with a track record of bringing innovative campaigns to life for disruptive agencies like CP+B. Together. This trio is set to explore the expansive landscape of entertainment, guided by their shared philosophy that 'Everything is Entertainment.'

SPEAKERS: Terry Crews, Actor, CEO and Co-Founder, Super Serious; Matt O’Rourke, Co-Founder, Super Serious; Paul Sutton, CCO and Partner, Super Serious

MODERATOR: Chanelle Kalfas, Head of Enterprise Brand & Top-of-Funnel Marketing, The New York Times

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