Molson Coors: Transforming a Legacy

Michelle St. Jacques

Chief Commercial Officer, Molson Coors

Kerry McKibbin

President, Mischief @ No Fixed Address

Michelle St. Jacques has spent the past five years on a mission to invigorate Molson Coors and its portfolio of brands in North America. After joining the company in 2019 as chief marketing officer, St Jacques was promoted to chief commercial officer in 2023. Through both roles, she has implemented a bold vision for Molson Coors’ brand portfolio, helping to transform the legacy beermaker into a full-fledged beverage company. In her role as chief commercial officer, St. Jacques is harnessing the power of marketing, sales, innovation, and digital capabilities to unlock the next phase of cultural resonance for seminal brands like Coors, Miller, Blue Moon, Simply Spiked and more. In this enlightening session, Kerry McKibbin, President of Mischief @ No Fixed Address, will sit down with Michelle St. Jacques to illuminate how she's been able to drive transformative growth for Molson Coors as it boldly pursues its next chapter.

SPEAKERS: Michelle St Jacques, Chief Commercial Officer, Molson Coors

MODERATOR: Kerry McKibbin, President, Mischief @ No Fixed Address

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