Hampton Water: A Father-Son Brand Story That’s Hitting all the Right Notes

Donny Deutsch

On Brand Podcast Host and Former CEO and Chairman of Deutsch Inc.

Jon Bon Jovi

Music Icon & Co-Founder, Hampton Water

Jesse Bongiovi

Co-Founder, Hampton Water

Father-son duo, music icon Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse Bongiovi, shared a vision to disrupt the rosé wine category with a wine brand unlike anything on the market. In collaboration with award-winning winemaker Gérard Bertrand, Jon and Jesse created a rosé that perfectly blends the sophistication of French wine with the laidback Hampton’s lifestyle – and in a stroke of branding genius, they named it Hampton Water. With an evocative design, a catchy name and a transportive brand story, Hampton Water first took over every pool on Long Island and quickly went on to become one of the top selling rosé wines in the country. In this delicious session, get immersed in Hampton lifestyle with Jon, Jesse and moderator Donny Deutsch, On Brand Podcast Host and one of leading branding mavens of our time, as they come together to discuss the creative evolution behind their mega-successful brand story, the future of Hampton Water, and the brand’s charitable causes. 

SPEAKERS: Jon Bon Jovi, Music Icon & Co-Founder, Hampton Water; Jesse Bongiovi, Co-Founder, Hampton Water

MODERATOR: Donny Deutsch, On Brand Podcast Host and Former CEO and Chairman of Deutsch Inc.

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