The Future of Fear

Axel Alonso

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, AWA

William Earl


Garth Ennis

Storytellers at the top of their game share a unique look into the innovations around original story development, novel ways to package stories, and the power of partnerships across film, TV, publishing and beyond. With a focus on the evolution of horror, Comic Book Writer Garth Ennis (The Boys, Preacher, The Ribbon Queen), film producer Roy Lee (The Ring, Barbarian, Late Night With the Devil), Comic Book Publisher Axel Alonso (Hotell, The Ribbon Queen, Not All Robots), and Hollywood Executive Zach Studin (Hotell, Old Haunts, The Forest) invite you to peek behind the bloody curtains to learn about the storytelling process straight from creators who will bring you the future of fear.

SPEAKERS: Garth Ennis, Comic Book Writer; Axel Alonso, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, AWA; Zach Studin, Studios President, AWA

MODERATOR: William Earl, Editor,

Tribeca X Partners