Company Fundamentals with FundamentalCo

Jenna Lyons

Executive Creative Director, FundamentalCo & Founder & CEO, LoveSeen

Jonny Bauer

Founder and CEO, FundamentalCo

After leaving a long career in advertising, Jonny Bauer joined Blackstone – the private equity juggernaut to found the company’s brand strategy and transformation practice. Recently, Bauer spun out his team out of Blackstone to an independent operation called FundamentalCo, with Blackstone as their founding anchor client. FundamentalCo is a brand-led value creation company that’s changing the consultancy model from an efficiency-based model to a vision based one. For Bauer, a company’s brand should be thought of as a filter to inform decision-making, not a wrapper to justify decision-making.

Tapped to spearhead the product and experience arm of FundamentalCo as Executive Creative Director is former J. Crew president, television personality, fashion icon and brand visionary Jenna Lyons. Lyons has been at the forefront of creative influence for decades, from cementing the J. Crew brand’s legacy, being named Editor in Chief at Large for The Coveteur magazine, to co-founding her own direct-to-consumer beauty brand, LoveSeen. In this illustrious conversation, Bauer and Lyons will come together to illuminate why mastering the fundamentals of brand strategy is key to any company's success. 

SPEAKERS: Jenna Lyons, Executive Creative Director, FundamentalCo & Founder & CEO, LoveSeen; Jonny Bauer, Founder and CEO, FundamentalCo

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