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Directed by Peter Mullan


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Film Information
Year: 2010
Length: 124 minutes
Language: English
Country: U.K.
Cast & Credits
Primary Cast: Louise Goodall, Conor McCarron, Gregg Forrest, Joe Szula, Gary Milligan, Richard Mack, Marianna Palka, Peter Mullan
Director: Peter Mullan
Screenwriter: Peter Mullan
Producer: Alain De La Mata, Marc Missonnier & Olivier Delbosc, Lucinda Van Rie, Conchita Airoldi
Director of Photography: Roman Osin
Composer: Craig Armstrong
About the Director(s)

PETER MULLAN is an actor, writer, and director. His acting credits include Ken Loach's My Name Is Joe, for which he won Best Actor at Cannes, On a Clear Day, Criminal, Out of This World, Kiss of Life, and Young Adam. He has made three short films and three features that have won numerous awards, including the Golden Lion in Venice for The Magdalene Sisters.

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