A DREAM PREFERRED - Directed by Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing

The future of Taharka Brothers, purveyors of ice cream and social change, hinges on the success of a crowdfunding campaign. If successful, they will be able to grow their business by launching a “Food for Thought” ice cream truck, a literal vehicle for change. With a looming deadline, and what seems like an insurmountable goal: $28,000 in 29 days, Taharka Brothers takes to the streets to raise awareness, inspire, and turn out some supremely delicious ice cream – voted Best in Baltimore. Progress is slow and defeat starts to set in, until a pivotal phone call. Filmmakers Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing (Jesus Camp) take us behind the scenes in a fun, yet poignant portrayal of young men from Baltimore’s toughest neighborhoods as they struggle with entrepreneurship, sharpen their business strategy and inspire their community. Baltimore has a positive and empowering story to tell. The Taharka Brothers’ ingenuity and character are an inspiration to all. When you fight for what you believe in, dreams happen.

Produced by Tribeca Digital Studios, in association with American Express, in celebration of small businesses and entrepreneurs.

BUFFALO RETURNS - Directed by Gini Reticker

In the face of a powerful recession, crippling unemployment and a housing crisis, a small, creative and energetic band of Native American businesspeople, with the help of the buffalo, rebuild their community through a growing business, Native American Natural Foods, the company behind Tanka energy bars. Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Gini Reticker (Pray the Devil Back to Hell) weaves together beautiful imagery set to the pulse of the Sioux Nation to carefully tell the story of two entrepreneurs who use tradition and ingenuity to bring opportunity and hope to the people on the Pine Ridge Reservation. After nearly going extinct, the buffalo has returned, bringing a chance for prosperity to the Lakota people.

Produced by Tribeca Digital Studios, in association with American Express, in celebration of small businesses and entrepreneurs.

THE DOWNTOWN PROJECT - Directed by Morgan Spurlock

Far from the bright lights and the resounding ka-ching of booming commerce on the Vegas strip is another side of Sin City; Downtown Vegas prides itself on hard work and the development of local businesses to inspire a growing entrepreneurial spirit within the community. A local initiative known as The Downtown Project champions small businesses by partnering with owners to make dreams happen and to bring a community out of the shadows. Unique businesses like EAT, an award winning restaurant owned by Chef Natalie Young, The Hydrant Park, a desert oasis for locals and their pets, Stitch Factory, a fashion and creative co-working studio, and Turntable Health, a physician’s group with a specialized focus on the medical needs of their neighbors, are some of Downtown Projects' most notable successes that are helping to revitalize the Las Vegas community. The entrepreneurial momentum in downtown Las Vegas has many exciting people flocking to this once depressed area to follow their dreams and to be a part of something life-changing. Renowned filmmaker Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) follows this tantalizing journey through the unique characters finding prosperity in the most unlikely places. Their passion is infectious and, thanks to The Downtown Project, life is thriving again in downtown Vegas for the first time since the 1950’s.

Produced by Tribeca Digital Studios, in association with American Express, in celebration of small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Meet The Founder of The Bushwick Collective- An Outdoor Street Gallery

Bred in Brooklyn, Ficalora is the founder of the Bushwick Collective, a community of artists who’ve turned the borough’s Bushwick section in a haven for visually stunning and inherent gritty street art. Walk down a Bushwick block and you’re likely to be stepping alongside one of the Collective’s pieces, and you’ll likely gain inspiration as a result. That’s Ficalora’s hope, at least. Like many of the city’s native sons, Ficalora has endured through heavy trauma—his father was murdered outside the local train station when Joe was in the 8th grade, and watched his mother battle through sickness. Through street art, though, he’s been able to cope. And now he wants others to feel the same way.

Cabbies and Chai Unite Lower East Siders in '#SAVEPUNJABIDELI'

New York City’s Lower East Side is in danger of losing a long-standing neighborhood icon, the beloved Punjabi Grocery & Deli on East 1st Street, a once-bustling 24/7 cafe and snack stop for cabbies, neighborhood vegetarians and after-hours concert goers alike.