Short Film Series

Partner: Bvlgari

To celebrate and connect the incredible cinematic history of the brand with the leading contemporary voices of today, BVLGARI partnered with Tribeca Studios on a multi-year short film series highlighting extraordinary women who are breaking boundaries and shattering cultural norms.

Conducting A Revolution
Portrait of world-famous female conductor Speranza Scappucci as she returns to her hometown of Rome to conduct the Bellini opera “La Sonnambula.”
Directed by Bella Monticelli
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The Litas
Riding a motorcycle is the embodiment of freedom, and The Litas are a women’s motorcycle group who are individually and collectively finding the confidence to pursue their passions in fields where Italian women do not traditionally have a seat at the table.
Directed by Nina Meredith
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American-born director and technologist Eliza McNitt prepares her record-breaking VR installation, ‘Spheres,’ for a new audience: her grandparents. She reflects on the teachings her scientist grandfather gave her as a young child, which ultimately spurred her tireless pursuit in the emerging field of virtual reality.
Directed by Ro Haber
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The 4th Wave
Italian-born rapper Alessandra Prete, or ‘Priestess,’ prepares to break into the American rap scene, utilizing the internet to spread her sound around the world. She reflects on the people who have inspired her artistically: iconic female figures in history and her grandmother, who encouraged her to reach as far beyond her hometown as possible.
Directed by Savanah Leaf
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