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Watch the Trailer For TFF 2014 Prize Winner ‘Zero Motivation’Video description

Watch the Trailer For TFF 2014 Prize Winner ‘Zero Motivation’

Talya Lavie’s debut feature was awarded both Best Narrative Feature and the Nora Ephron Prize at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival.

Mistakes happen a lot here.

It’s rare to see a first time filmmaker make as self-assured a debut as Israeli writer/director Talya Lavie. Zero Motivation is a zany, darkly humorous look at the lives of young, female Israeli solders as they perform their military service at a remote desert base. As these women perform their civic duty by doing office work (and playing endless hours of Mindsweeper), they form friendships and alliances that help them to  deal with the boredom of life on the base.  

So if you missed Zero Motivation at TFF 2014, you’re in luck! The satirical military comedy will come to Film Forum on December 3 before expanding to select cities in the following weeks. 


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