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Let’s Unite to Get ‘Zero Charisma’ to Number 1 on iTunes This Weekend

Nerds, if you’ve ever felt slighted by mainstream media, now is the time to let your voices be heard. Help us get ‘Zero Charisma’ out there!

Nowadays, nerds are no longer relegated to comic book stores and the back room of game shops. Thanks to companies like Nerdist and Comic Cons across the world, nerds are now able to enjoy their time in the spotlight, which is long over due. Zero Charisma, funded in part by a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign, is a celebration of nerd culture through the eyes of one troubled but relatable “game master” who goes to extreme lengths to preserve the sanctity of the game.

Grassroots movies like Zero Charisma depend on word of mouth from critics and fans alike to grow their audience. This weekend, we’re asking for your help. Now’s the time to share your love of this sweet tribute to nerdom with your networks and beyond! If Zero Charisma rises to Number 1 this weekend on iTunes, you’ll be partially responsible for bringing the film to masses. Insanely re-watchable, Zero Charisma is only $6.99 to rent on iTunes.We got the chance to speak to filmmakers Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews, along with star Sam Eidson, this past weekend at the New York Comic Con. Watch the crew dish on the difference between geeks and nerds below (and believe us, there is a difference). 


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