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John Barrowman and Dan Harmon to Host ‘Zero Charisma’ Q&As in NYC

If you’re in town for the New York Comic Con, catch ‘Zero Charisma’ at Cinema Village this weekend with some very special filmmaker Q&As.

Described by Badass Digest as "the best nerd movie ever," Zero Charisma is celebrating its opening weekend at Cinema Village in style. With the New York Comic Con happening simultaneously, there’s no better place to cool your heels and recharge your batteries than at an evening showing of Zero Charisma.

Zero Charisma tells the story of one down-on-his-luck nerd (played by the brilliant Sam Edison) who snaps after he is stripped of the title of “game master” by a cool newcomer who has just joined his RPG group. If this ode to nerdiness isn’t enough to entice you to venture beyond the Javits center, the filmmakers, Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews, along with star Sam Eidson will be appearing at several screenings for Q&As with two very special guest moderators.

After the 7:10PM show on Friday, October 11, sci-fi legend John Barrowman (Arrow, Torchwood) will be in attendance to field questions for the Zero Charisma team. After the 7:10PM show on Saturday, October 12, Community's Dan Harmon will be on hand with his trademark wit and enthusiasm to host the conversation. Click here to buy your ticket.

Don’t live in NYC? No problem. Even though you'll miss these two special Q&As, you can still watch Zero Charisma on VOD and digital platforms (including iTunes!).  


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