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WSJ | DEF CON | 'Bad Hurt'

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Tribeca's DEF CON Hacking Conference 
What you need to know: In an inaugural collaboration, DEF CON's underground hacking conference will take place during the Tribeca Film Festival. Running from April 23 to April 25, the DEF CON conference will bring its Villages - large, interactive spaces - to the Spring Studios where festival-goers can get to know this subculture and investigate the pertinent issue of security and knowledge in the digital age.
Tribeca says: Don't miss the opening address from founder Dark Tangent on April 23 - get your Spring Pass now.

WSJ's TFF 2015 Picks
What you need to know: Keeping it a very NYC affair, The Wall Street Journal's entertainment blog offers its picks of must-see screenings and events. The list includes movies celebrating the local spirit (Goodfellas, Live From New York!) as well as events with global reach (Monty Python, Star Wars.)  
Tribeca says: There's something at the Festival for everybody. Check out the filmguide for a full list of events.

Live From New York! Coming to Theaters
What you need to know: This documentary on the beloved sketch comedy show is set to open the Tribeca Film Festival this year, right on the heels of the commemorative SNL40 broadcast. A combination of archival footage and original behind-the-scenes material, Live From New York! brings unprecedented access to the inner workings of the show.  After the upcoming TFF premiere, Abramorama will be bringing the documentary to major cities across the nation in June. 
Tribeca says: Live From New York! is best seen live, from New York. Tickets are available here.

Bad Hurt Clip
What you need to know: Bad Hurt, the American family drama set in Staten Island, is scheduled to make its World Premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival this year. The film deals with intimate traumatic issues within a small family - PTSD, claustrophobia. In this exclusive clip, watch as tensions abruptly escalate on an innocuous bus ride. 
Tribeca says: See showtimes and buy tickets to Bad Hurt here.


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