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Large olympus has fallen

Working Actor: Radha Mitchell

The Australian beauty can be found amid burning monuments in "Olympus Has Fallen," but her face is a familiar one. Take a look at her working history.

You've Most Likely Seen Her In ... of two movies that couldn't be more different. In 2000, she broke through to mainstream audiences as the female lead in the Vin Diesel-starring sci-fi thriller Pitch Black. If that wasn't your cup of tea, though, perhaps you're more of a Woody Allen person? In which case you'll recall Mitchell as the title character living out both dramatic and comedic storylines in Melinda and Melinda. Despite the lead roles, she remained more of a favorite in niche programming.

Unless You've Really Been Paying Attention, in Which Case You Remember Her From ...
...Lisa Cholodenko's breakthrough indie drama, High Art. Mitchell was the lead in this film as well, playing a twentysomething photographer who falls in love/lust with the wild and artistic world of Lucy, played by Ally Sheedy. Sheedy won buckets of raves, including an Independent Spirit Award, while Mitchell was somewhat the forgotten co-lead.

"Wait, So She's That Woman From ..."
...A whole lot of movies where freaky things are trying to kill her. Around the mid '00s, Mitchell started a streak of starring in mid-level horror offerings, starting with the video-game adaptation of Silent Hill in 2006. She worked with Wolf Creek director Greg McLean on the killer-crocodile flick Rogue. The best of the bunch was her turn opposite Timothy Olyphant in the remake of The Crazies.

You Can Also Go Back and Spot Her In ...
...dramas wherein she plays troubled or cast-aside wives. She co-starred with a handful of the decade's biggest stars, be it as Colin Farrell's cheated-on wife in Phone Booth, or as a mother whose daughter has been kidnapped in Mexico in the Denzel Washington flick, Man on Fire. She also played wife to Johnny Depp in Finding Neverland, though she ended up getting overshadowed by Kate Winslet. Isn't that always the way?

Perhaps Your Cultural Tastes Extend Beyond the Movies, In Which Case...
You can look to her very recent starring role on ABC's mob drama Red Widow. Once again, she's a wife who ends up in trouble, only she's the Denzel in this case. Also, if you want to think waaaaaaay back and are also Australian, you'll remember Mitchell from the Aussie soap Neighbours, a show that's also produced such entertainers as Guy Pearce, Kylie Minogue, and Natalie Imbruglia.

You Can Find Her Now In ...
... the #1 box-office hit Olympus Has Fallen, playing the wife of the Secret Service bruiser played by Gerard Butler.


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