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Will Smith Gets Jiggy With It | 25 Years of Photoshop | NYC Docs

Your #tbt edition of cultural currency.

5 NYC Documentaries to Stream
What you need to know: A throwback to some of our favorite NYC documentaries over the years, all of which are streaming on Netflix. Featuring drag balls, performance art, street style, this list picks up on some of the best things from the city's art scene. 
Tribeca says: Our favorite is the whimsical Man on Wire. 










Will Smith Gets Jiggy With It
What you need to know: Will Smith was on David Letterman last night and surprised everyone with an improptu performance of his 1997 hit single, "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It." Watch the unprepared studio audience act like they remember how that "nanana" part goes.
Tribeca says: He's still got it. 

25 Years of Photoshop
What you need to know: This video to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Photoshop takes a look back at some of the best work that came to be because of the program. The video is made up of the original working files provided by the artists themselves and shows the editing process that went into creating the final product.
Tribeca says: Where would we be without Photoshop?















Lost Lou Reed Interview Recovered
What you need to know: Notorious grump Lou Reed seemed to have a bone to pick with everybody. In this recently recovered interview from PBS, his target are the Beatles, (and briefly, the Doors as well.) Reed passed away a little over a year ago but his unwavering dedication to preserving the spirit of rock and roll lives on.
Tribeca says: He says it best himself: "I liked nobody."


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