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Large dennis farina as joe may in the last rites 1

WHAT TO WATCH: THE LAST RITES OF JOE MAY Tonight at 10:30 on MSG Network

Tribeca's new summer movie series Tribeca Film Presents continues tonight at 10:30 P.M. on MSG Network with a wonderful, well-acted drama from 2011 starring the late, great Dennis Farina.

Written and directed by Joe Maggio, The Last Rites of Joe May stars Farina as Joe May, a down on his luck short money hustler who always believed his future would be brighter than it turned out to be. Following a bout with pneumonia, May returns to his cold Chicago neighborhood to find his car impounded, his possessions pawned, and his apartment rented by his landlord who had assumed him dead. Saved by the good graces of the new tenants, a single mother named Jenny and her eight year-old daughter, Joe is welcomed in until he lands on his feet. But when things turn ugly between Jenny and her crooked cop boyfriend, Joe is determined to stand up for his unlikely new family, and perhaps take one last shot at redefining his legacy.

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So be sure to tune in or else set your DVRs for tonight at 10:30. It's an invigorating if unfortunately bittersweet sight to see Farina finally take the reins after doing such solid supporting work for the majority of his long career. It's even sweeter to see him front and center in a gem of an indie that proves more than worthy of him.