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Your Weekend Repertory Screenings: 'Eraserhead,' 'Raising Arizona' and More

NYC local theaters are sure to keep you entertained all weekend long with line-ups that include films from David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick and The Coen Brothers.

The polar vortex has seemed to subside, so it's time to get out of your apartment and head over to your local theater for one heck of a repertory lineup.

Friday, January 10th

Eraserhead (1977)

12:00 am
Landmark Sunshine

Calling all Lynch fans! The film that gained its popularity from midnight screenings is back in its original time slot this Friday. 'Eraserhead,' Lynch’s first feature out of AFI, was influenced by his own paintings and photographs melded together in a nonlinear narrative to comment on religion through heavy, underlying themes of sexuality.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
11:45 pm (same time Saturday)
IFC Center

“Hal? Hal do you read me?” It’s hard to believe this was released 45 years ago – to say Kubrick was ahead of his time is a gross understatement. Still perplexing audiences nearly half a century later, Kubrick’s technical masterpiece is not to be missed on the big screen in all its glory.

Saturday, January 11th

Raising Arizona (1987)

11:45 am (same time Sunday)

Continuing the month-long series in honor of the independent success of Inside Llewyn Davis, Nitehawk is screening the Coen brothers’ second feature film after the release of Blood Simple. Starring none other than Nicolas Cage and longtime friend of the Coens, Holly Hunter, Raising Arizona was inspired by the Southern Gothic literature of William Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor to create a crime comedy with that Coen flare.

Face/Off (1997)
12:05 am (same time Friday)
IFC Center

More Cage? You betcha! Director John Woo gives us Travolta as an FBI agent trying to take down terrorist, Cage, and his entire posse by performing the ultimate identity theft. Totally worth staying up past your bedtime.

Sunday, January 12th

Parsifal (1982)

10:00 am
Landmark Sunshine

Think you can endure a five-hour long opera epic? Challenge yourself by sitting in on Hans-Jürgen Syberberg’s, 'Parsifal,' based off of Richard Wagner’s last opera. Don’t worry, there are intermissions.

Dangerous Liasons (1988)
3:00 pm
Museum of the Moving Image

Part of the series, Stephen Frears: The Chameleon, in honor of the release of Philomena, his beloved classic will be screened in 35mm this Sunday. With an all-star cast of Glenn Close, John Malkovich, Michelle Pfieffer, Uma Thurman, and Keanu Reeves, this is a screening you simply can’t miss. 


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