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Your Weekend Repertory Screenings: 'Jaws,' 'Fargo' and More

NYC local theaters are sure to keep you entertained all weekend long with a repertory line-up, including Sam Raimi, The Coen Brothers, and Steven Spielberg.

A nice blend of demons, wood chippers, and sharks! No excuses - get out of your apartment and see what local theaters have to offer. 

Friday, January 17th

The Evil Dead (1981)

12:05 am (same time Saturday and Sunday)
IFC Center

It was his first feature and it changed horror forever. Sam Raimi is a master of sick and twisted imagery that tricks you into not being able to cover your eyes even though you want to so badly! Raimi’s creativity has influenced numerous filmmakers including the Coen Brothers, who were assistants on this very project.

Jaws (1975)
12:10 am (same time Friday and Sunday)
IFC Center

Jaws – the reason why no one went to the beach until the eighties. Who could blame them?! With Spielberg’s innovative underwater shots from the POV of infamous Bruce, audiences freaked at the thought of the unknown in a setting that’s supposed to be relaxing and carefree for cryin’ out loud!

Saturday, January 18th

Fargo (1996)

12:00 pm (same time Sunday)

The Coen Brothers (arguably) at their very best. Expertly mixing graphic violence with comedy and graceful, yet powerful direction – Fargo solidified the duos’ careers as filmmaking geniuses and proved that “the Coen Brothers feeling” we get when watching one of their movies is, in fact, an actual emotion - one we may very well see defined in film theory textbooks someday.

The Queen (2006)
3:00 pm
Museum of the Moving Image

Part of the continuing series, Stephen Frears: The Chameleon, in honor of the success of Philomena, which is now an Oscar nominee for Best Picture. See Helen Mirren in her Oscar-winning role as Queen Elizabeth II, but not the public figure you think you know. Frears is completely fearless, diving into sensitive issues surrounding the most watched family in the world.

Sunday, January 19th

The Candidate (1972)
11:00 am (same time Friday and Saturday)
IFC Center

What if a candidate ran for office simply to run?  What if they didn’t have a bigger picture in mind if they happened to win? Robert Redford plays the “promising” Bill McKay in this political drama from director, Michael Ritchie (Downhill Racer), which comments on how trusting the American public can be when it comes to campaign propaganda. This 35mm screening is surely not to be missed.

Exodus (1960)

8:15 pm

Part of the New York Jewish Film Festival 2014, see Paul Newman and Sal Mineo star in this incredible film based on the wrenching novel by Leon Uris. Director Otto Preminger pushed the political envelope with this adapted war epic that notably changed mass views of the Middle East. 


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