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This Weekend's Indies: 'Whiplash,' 'St. Vincent,' 'One Chance'

Opening this weekend: a promising young drummer meets his mentor, a child of a divorcee befriends his surly neighbor, the meteoric rise of a 'Britain's Got Talent' star, and more!

Whiplash: This year's Grand Jury Prize winner at Sundance, Whiplash has Miles Teller playing an ambitious young Jazz drummer who meets a formative but vicious mentor while attending a competitive conservatory. Teller, a musician himself, reportedly did all the drumming himself in this dramatic thriller.

St. Vincent: With headliners like Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, and Chris O'Dowd, St. Vincent is sure to get you laughing this weekend. Murray plays a crotchety war veteran who is displeased with his new neighbor (McCarthy,) but inadvertantly becomes a father-figure for her young son. We've been excited about the movie since the trailer released earlier this summer and you can read our five favorite things about it here.

One Chance:  Fans of the show Britain's Got Talent will remember Paul Potts, the shop assistant who wowed audiences with his rendition of "Nessun Dorma" from the opera Turandot. This biopic follows Potts from that original audition, to its viral circulation on YouTube and his winning performance in the final rounds of Britain's Got Talent.

The Overnighters:  The recession-proof small town of Williston, N.D. thrives mostly on the work of the modern-day itinerant oil workers who pass through, usually staying overnight at the local church. Documentarian Jesse Moss and his camera shack up with these overnighters while the local pastor is forced to reconsider the program, this precariously balanced economy sees dramatic changes. 

Kill the Messenger:  Based on a series of articles that first appeared in the San Jose Mercury News, Kill the Messenger has Jeremy Renner as Gary Webb, the journalist who exposed the CIA's Iran-Contra program. The tense political thriller starts with Webb's investigation of an influx of crack cocaine in Southern California and becomes more tangled and dramatic when he discovers the US government's involvement. 


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