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This Weekend's Indies: 'Tim's Vermeer,' 'Best Night Ever,' & 'At Middleton'

Opening in limited release today: a romantic comedy about fresh starts, a woman films her sister's out of control bachelorette party, and a man uses technology to recreate famous works of art.

At Middleton: Vera Farmiga and Andy Garcia star in this charming romantic comedy about two parents who get separated from their children on a college tour. These strangers decide to deviate from the path they were supposed to stay on, and discover how much they have in common. 

Best Night Ever: When a bride-to-be and her best friends go to Vegas for her bachelorette party, it will be a night they'll never forget....Because every minute of it has been caught on camera. 

Tim's Vermeer: In this documentary, an inventor's obsession with the paintings of Johannes Vermeer culminates in his attempt to recreate the painter's famous works. Using technology, Tim Jenison begins his quest to understand Vermeer's light and shadow techniques. 


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