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This Weekend's Indies: 'Nebraska,' 'Faust' and More

Opening in limited release today: Alexander Payne's much anticipated new film, an adaptation of Goethe's most famous play, a loving look at the creator of 'Calvin & Hobbes', a Hurricane Sandy tribute, and a trippy psychological thriller.

Nebraska: Alexander Payne's latest film has received quite a lot of buzz. It stars Bruce Dern as an old man who believes he's just won a great deal of money and his sons (Will Forte and Bob Odenkirk) who struggle with the truth. 

Faust: Goethe's legendary play about a writer who sells his soul to the devil has been picking up awards and nominations around the world. Russian director Aleksandr Sokurov blends both the fantastical and realistic elements with believablity.  Dear Mr. Watterson: So many of us have grown up alongside punky six-year-old Calvin and his stuffed tiger Hobbes as they ramble through the philosophy of change. This touching documentary examines how Bill Watterson, creator of the Calvin & Hobbes comic strip, has made complex issues simpler and growing up a bit more bittersweet.  12-12-12: Last year, when Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast, musicians came together to put on a benefit concert. The concert and news footage of Sandy have been put together to create this documentary about courage and healing.  Charlie Countryman: Shia LaBoeuf plays the eponymous character as he navigates a new country and a mysterious woman. Things take a sharp turn, however, and soon he finds himself fighting to survive far from home. 


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