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This Weekend's Indies: 'Goodbye to All That,' 'Mr. Turner,' and 'Sagrada: The Mystery of Creation'

Opening this week: a recent divorcee tries dating again in middle-age, painter J.M.W. Turner faces adversity late in his career, a basilica takes 125 years to develop.

Goodbye to All That: Paul Schneider stars as Otto in this indie about a middle-aged father and husband, who, when asked for a divorce, re-enters the dating pool. Comedic when he tries to navigate the digital world of modern romance, sweet in his earnest search for companionship, it's no wonder that Paul Schneider took home the TFF 2014 Best Actor Award.

Mr. Turner: From the Oscar-nominated Mike Leigh (Happy-Go-Lucky, Another Year) is this biopic of J.M.W Turner, the eccentric painter whose sensationalist behavior made him a kind of 19th-century pseudo-celebrity. Turner's art translates well for the moving image, with the visuals delighting just as much as the old man's obsessive dedication to his craft. 

Sagrada: This documentary tells the elusive history of the Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona, contracted to architectural genius Antoni Gaudi over 100 years ago. The film follows the building's history as it changed hands amongst a variety of designers, blending artistic styles to contribute to this still unfinished masterpiece. 


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