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This Weekend's Indies: 'Kelly & Cal,' 'God Help the Girl,' and 'Wetlands'

Opening this weekend, a new mom makes an unlikely friend, a troubled girl starts a band and a sexual hygiene expert ends up in the hospital.

Kelly & Cal: Juliette Lewis charms as Kelly opposite newcomer Jonny Weston, who plays wheelchair-bound Cal. Kelly is a former feminist punk-rocker whose life is derailed when she moves to a small town with her husband and newborn. Cal, her new neighbor, helps Kelly escape the dry day-to-day of suburbia. On relating to Kelly, Juliette Lewis said in an interview with us: "it happened to me when I was facing the mortality of my parents and reassessing my goals. I’d accomplished quite a bit, but it’s easy to wallow in discontentment."

God Help the Girl: Written by Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian, God Help the Girl stars Emily Browning as Eve, an unstable girl dealing with an eating disorder. Eve turns her energies towards music, making new friends who would eventually become bandmates. Murdoch also penned all the music for this movie, with the intent to feature female vocals on all the tracks. Get a sneak peak of the music in the trailer!

Wetlands: This female-oriented raunchy comedy will probably gross you out regardless of your gender. Helen (Carla Juri) is the wacky, perverse, bodily-fluid-embracing post-adolscent who schemes to get her parents back together. This film challenges all the taboos you thought mattered about women and sex. 


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