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This Weekend's Indies: 'John Wick,' 'Laggies,' & 'Citizenfour'

Opening this weekend: an assassin comes out of retirement, an adult woman deals with a quarter-life crisis, a teenager's mother disappears, Edward Snowden goes on the run.

John Wick: A retired ex-assassin returns to the game to enact revenge on those who ruined him. Played by Keanu Reeves, John Wick is an action thriller that harkens back to the actor's Matrix days. Curious about the trailer music? We analyzed the trailer's musical impact earlier this summer.

Laggies: Dealing with the unique stress of early adulthood, Megan (Keira Knightley) takes a break from her stagnant life to live with her new high-school friend, Annika (Chloë Grace Moretz) and her surly father. Spending a few days with Annika allows Megan to come to terms with her emotional immaturity. For this one, director Lynn Shelton (Touchy Feely, Your Sister's Sister) strays from her usual, improvisational style to work with an original script. 

White Bird in A Blizzard: Gregg Araki returns for this story set in the recent past about a teenage girl and her missing mother. A departure for teen-movie favorite Shailene Woodley, White Bird in A Blizzard is part mystery-thriller, part coming-of-age story in Araki's trademark campy, neo-noir style. 

Citizenfour: The much-anticipated documentary from Laura Poitras about Edward Snowden starts with when he first reached out to her under the pseudonym citizenfour, from which the film borrows its title. Paced like a thriller, Citizenfour follows Snowden as he becomes a fugitive, travelling around the world in search of asylum. With Poitras only appearing as a spectral voice-over or a disembodied interrogator, the documentary is very much about Snowden himself and his journey. 


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