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This Weekend's Indies: Frances Ha, Julianne Moore, Aaron Eckhart, and More

Opening this week in limited release: Greta Gerwig tries to figure her stuff out in black-and-white, Julianne Moore gets educational, and the latest lesson in not going to secluded islands.

Frances Ha
We've discussed this movie quite a bit around these parts, from the trailer to the ukulele, but it's only because it's a very, very wonderful film, and the moment it becomes available to you in your area, you really should get out and see it. Greta Gerwig plays a 27-year-old modern dancer/aimless person, and she's incredibly funny and so is the film and it's also very open-hearted and wise without feigning profundity. It's kind of the best -- go see it.

The English Teacher
Julianne Moore's latest swept its way through the Tribeca Film Festival last month (check out our TFF film page for it), and now it's headed to theaters for a proper debut. Director Craig Zisk has pulled together a dynamite cast -- Moore, Nathan Lane, Gret Kinnear, Michael Angarano -- to deliver a sharply funny indie treat.

In what appears to be a Bourne-style CIA thriller, Aaron Eckhart plays a father who ends up embroiled in corporate deception, international terrorism, and a whole bunch of people who are after him for being a spy. It's also the third film this year for breakthrough actress Olga Kurylenko, after performances in Oblivion and To The Wonder.

Black Rock
Oh, Kate Bosworth. Oh, Lake Bell. You've been in enough movies to know that a girls-weekend on a secluded island with vaguely creepy guys is not going to turn into anything but a horror film about grim survival. Or are we victim-blaming here? That's not cool. You're right, Kate Bosworth and Lake Bell have just as much right as anyone else to enjoy a secluded island far away from civilization or the police without three suspicious locals ruining it with their aggression and rifles. Still, can we at least all agree that nothing good ever happens in nature? Good talk.

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