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Large secret in their eyes

WATCH NOW: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Nicole Kidman, and Julia Roberts Catch a Killer in New Murder-Mystery TrailerVideo description

WATCH NOW: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Nicole Kidman, and Julia Roberts Catch a Killer in New Murder-Mystery Trailer

Sometimes the stars align within our actress-loving skies and two of the silver screen's most bravura leading ladies/Best Actress winners make a movie together.

Based on Juan José Campanella's 2010 Oscar-winning Argentinian crime thriller El Secreto de sus Ojos (aka The Secret in their Eyes), Secret in their Eyes lost a "The" and cast acting goddesses Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts — not to mention the great Chiwetel Ejiofor — in what looks more or less like a juicy, extended episode of Law and Order featuring three Academy-stamped actors.

The premise is this: Roberts' FBI agent discovers her daughter dead in a dumpster. Kidman's district attorney can't get the charges to stick to the sleaze who did it. Ejiofor's co-worker is their troubled co-worker who crushes on Kidman and must prevent Roberts from exacting revenge. Meanwhile, House of Cards' Michael Kelly walks around with the absolute worst wig perpetrated on a finely bald actor since Corey Stoll or at least Paul Giamatti.

Written and directed by Billy Ray, a prolific screenwriter and sometimes filmmaker who's penned the scripts for plenty of diverting thrillers like Captain Phillips and State of Play, Secret in their Eyes is just the latest in a long line of crossover foreign-film hits to erratically receive the Hollywood treatment. These include everything from Spike Lee's laughed-into-oblivion Oldboy re-envisioning and David Fincher's slickly spellbinding but commercially disappointing Girl with the Dragon Tattoo re-envisioning, to Martin Scorsese's electrifying Infernal Affairs updateThe Departed and the planned Force Majeure remake starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus that remains a divisive prospect that nonetheless feels totally exciting.

Who's to say if Secret will be an Oldboy or a Departed, or if Ray and DP Daniel Moder (aka Mr. Roberts) have duplicated the original film's virtuosic sequence shot inside a stadium? Whatever the outcome, actresses as uniquely insinuating as Kidman and Roberts coming together on any screen is all the motivation needed.



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