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WATCH: Bryan Cranston Wants an Oscar to Go with His Emmys in TRUMBO Trailer

Like all actors not named George C. Scott, six-time Emmy winner Bryan Cranston would like an Oscar. As Eddie Redmayne, Matthew McConaughey, Daniel Day-Lewis, Robert De Niro, and even Scott himself would be sure to tell you, the best way to do this is to get yourself in a biopic, stat.

In Jay Roach's forthcoming Trumbo, Cranston plays a genuine movie legend: Dalton Trumbo, the blacklisted socialist screenwriter who penned the scripts for such classics as The Brave One and Roman Holiday under multiple pseudonyms, all while maintaining his innocence and eventually going on to win Oscars for the two films.

The trailer hits all the notes you'd probably expect from a film like this, i.e. lots of commanding speeches and stirring strings. But Trumbo's an incredibly worthy biopic subject. And Cranston's surrounded by an enticing cast, including a weepy Diane Lane and a brunette Elle Fanning as, respectively, Trumbo's concerned wife and collaborative daughter, as well as an old-timey Louis C.K. and a dyed and very, um, dramatically-eyebrowed Helen Mirren as vicious gossip columnist Hedda Hopper. Plus, as it proved last year with Birdman, Hollywood sure loves to honor itself when it gets the chance.

Clear your mantel, Cranston.*

* It should be noted that between those six Breaking Bad Emmys, his recent Tony for the LBJ play All the Way, and his potential Oscar for this, Cranston would be just one Grammy away from pulling off the elusive EGOT. Meaning, expect a Cranston-narrated audiobook in the very near future...


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