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Vine Announces Tons of New Features, One Billion Loops Per Month

Vine announces a much-begged-for new feature for content creators and reports over a BILLION loops per month. Wow!

Today, Vine announced a suite of exciting new updates that, among other things, finally allows users to import pre-recorded video to the app, making it much easier for content creators to edit their six second videos. Before this update, users had to record video within the app itself - so if you messed up halfway through, you'd have to start all over. 

Vine's blog post announcing this update also revealed that more than 100 million people watch Vines each the month with over 1 billion loops played every day. As big fans of Vine, we're thrilled to see how far they've come. Check out the post for the whole list of new features, including support for slow-motion video, a mute button, and more.

Remember this Audience Award winner from our 2014 #6SECFILMS competition?

Shaking Free #6secfilms #animation #AllNaturalVines

Congrats, Vine! 


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