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The 5 Most Exciting Things About the ‘Under the Skin’ Trailer

Scarlett Johansson is up to some weirdness in the new film from ‘Birth’ director Jonathan Glazer.

1. Scarlett Johansson
She’s been somewhat adrift in her film choices as of late, but 2013 looks like it might be the year ScarJo re-asserts herself. She’s already earned festival acclaim for Don Jon (opening soon), and a featured voice role in Spike Jonze’s Her can’t hurt. But it’s this teaming with Glazer (who earned Nicole Kidman a lifetime of cinephile credit with Birth) could easily be the most exciting thing she does all year. The story on Under the Skin is that she plays an alien sent to, one assumes, procure humans. The trailer does not seem overly interested in explaining things any further.

2. Scarlett Johansson’s Fur Coat
Perhaps the most anticipated wardrobe choice of the fall, give or take basically everything Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence wear in American Hustle (maybe it’s just the Year of the Fur?). Obviously, it’s quite cold in Scotland, so the fur makes sense, but maybe also don’t wear a slip-dress, Scarlett? Aliens don’t get weather, do they?

3. All That Incredibly Disturbing Imagery
Who’s that floating person in the inky blackness? Why is that baby crying? Is that face drowning in black water? What’s up with that vortex made of lake mist? Is that Benjamin Button? Why is he running and naked? Are these all other aliens? Why aren’t they pretty like ScarJo? Are they at a rave? Does that close-up on an eyeball mean something terrible is going to happen to someone’s eye? Will I have enough time to turn my face away from the screen before it does?

4. That Ambient Music
If the goal was to make us think about David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti, mission accomplished.

5. Jonathan Glazer Back Again
It’s been a long time since Birth. Nine years, in fact. I think we’re ready for more of his semi-supernatural weirdness.


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