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#TRIBECATOGETHER | Broad City | Kanye Goes DeepVideo description

#TRIBECATOGETHER | Broad City | Kanye Goes Deep

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Tribeca Film Festival Draws Audiences Together
What you need to know: A just-released promo for our upcoming 14th annual Festival (April 15th - 26th) beautifully captures the sheer joy and eye-opening wonder that can only be found within a dark, crowded movie theater.
Tribeca says: Do you know any other Film Festival that brings together the Monty Python troupe, Mary J. Blige, the Not Ready for Primetime Players, Spike Lee, and a staggering assortment of thirty diverse, risk-taking female directors? You need to be here. Watch promo above.

Broad City Domination
What you need to know: Comic goddesses Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson are the subjects of a New York profile this week that goes in-depth on everything from their scrappy beginnings at UCB (where Saturday Night Live's Bobby Moynihan was their improv coach), their comedic influences (including Diane Keaton and Wanda Sykes), and what the success of their Comedy Central series Broad City means for the pair's inevitable takeover of the entertainment industry.
Tribeca says: The season two finale airs next Wednesday at 10:30 EST, which should give just enough time for the weirdly non-converted to binge the first two seasons of this Thelma and Louise of brilliantly absurdist, badass feminist urban sitcom odysseys.

Yeezy Season Approaching (Pt. 2)
What you need to know: In a new, thirty-plus minute interview with France's Clique TV, Kanye West opened up about race, music, the future, and his creative process in a conversation that managed to encompass everything from Drake, Michael Jordan, archery, nineteenth-century fashion, and the surprising inspiration of North's toys. How into this interview is Kanye? He smiles within the first fifteen seconds.
Tribeca says: Now where is this album?

The Last Word on Consent
What you need to know: Quartz contributor Emmeline May has drawn up a clever, commonsensical comparison for those still struggling to grasp the idea and importance of consensual sex, based around the notion that you wouldn't make a person drink a cup of tea that he/she didn't want, and that, even if you're offering, no means no.
Tribeca says: An easy and informative analogy that should be 100% clear to anyone, tea-drinker or otherwise.

Terence Nance Takes The Dig on a Dreamy, Dancing Odyssey
What you need to know: After contributing the soundtrack to rising director Terence Nance's 2012 breakout An Oversimplification of Her Beauty, The Dig have re-teamed with Nance for an entrancing, majestically wandering short film for their 2013 EP You & I.
Tribeca says: Watch the above video and then check out Oversimplification for a longer look at this up-and-coming visionary.



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