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12 #TFF2013 Films That Will Make You Laugh

Like comedies? Here are 12 playing at the Festival this year that you won't want to miss.

Click on the linked titles for screening locations and to BUY TICKETS. (And though almost all of these films have tickets readily available now, there's no such thing as "Sold Out"!)

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
This fanciful Tainwanese tale of family, relationships, desire, and how all three can change and shift with the passing of time is a sensitive artistic triumph for sophomore director Arvin Chen. Moments of lived-in emotion bump up against whimsical flights of fancy in some really gorgeous ways.

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
FRI 4/19 5:30 PM 
SAT 4/20 10:30 PM 
SUN 4/21 9:00 PM 
THU 4/25 10:30 PM 

Lil Bub & Friendz
Ever wonder about the secret lives of the cats you're always seeing on the internet? Or maybe you just like seeing those cute little things in their element? Join Lil Bub, the "most famous cat on the internet," on a cross-country trip to meet the internet's foremost "cat-lebrities" and take a look behind the memes we've come to know so well.

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
THU 4/18 9:30 PM
SAT 4/20 8:00 PM
TUE 4/23 6:00 PM
THU 4/25 3:00 PM

Cycling With Moliere
This French comedy from director Philippe Le Guay promises the kind of laughs that only ego-ridden old stage professionals can offer. When a popular French TV star tries to convince his old friend to return to the stage for a production of Molière’s "The Misanthrope," the biting, whip-smart comedy is thick in the air. Starring Lambert Wilson and Fabrice Luchini, this is a comedy for anyone who likes theater and actors ... or who simply likes laughing at such.

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
TUE 4/23 8:30 PM 
THU 4/25 12:00 PM 
SUN 4/28 3:00 PM 

Fresh Meat
Horror comedy at its finest, straight from New Zealand, as cops, criminals and cannibals are all thrown into the mix in an exciting and darkly funny good time.

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
TUE 4/23 10:00 PM
FRI 4/26 11:30 PM
SAT 4/27 11:30 PM

Tim Burton's paranormal comedy classic turns 25 this year, and we're celebrating with a special FREE drive-in presentation. Check out the all-star cast -- Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, and Catherine O'Hara -- and the demented imagination of Burton in his finest creative form.

Showtimes (FREE):
FRI 4/19 8:00 PM Tribeca Drive-In, Brookfield Place (World Financial Center Plaza)

A Case of You
Actor Justin Long makes his screenwriting debut in this romantic comedy about a young writer who tries to impress a girl he meets online with a juiced-up profile. But what happens when she falls for the illusion? With Long in the lead role, Evan Rachel Wood as his would-be beloved, and an all-star supporting cast that includes Peter Dinklage, Sam Rockwell, Vince Vaughn, Busy Philipps, Brendan Fraser, and Sienna Miller.

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
SUN 4/21 9:30 PM 
TUE 4/23 5:30 PM 
THU 4/25 9:00 PM 

Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me
Musical-theater legend Elaine Stritch has been an uproarious presence on both stage and screen throughout her decades-long career. Whether it be working with Stephen Sondheim, Bill Cosby, or as Alec Baldwin's on-screen mother for Tina Fey and 30 Rock, Stritch's comedic chops are beyond reproach. This documentary takes a look at the woman behind the roles and the irrepressible, brassy diva lurking beneath. NOTE: The Monday, 4/22 showtime is part of the Tribeca Talks® After the Movie series. Learn more here: Beyond the Screens: The Artist's Angle: Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me.

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
FRI 4/19 6:30 PM 
MON 4/22 5:30 PM 
TUE 4/23 3:00 PM 

When the hot new trend at North Gateway High becomes the Gay Best Friend (G.B.F.) as fashion accessory, life after coming out for Tanner (Michael J. Willet, United States of Tara) becomes a minefield of social politics. Starring a phenomenal collection of teen actors like Sasha Pieterse (Pretty Little Liars), Paul Iacono (The Hard Times of RJ Berger), Molly Tarlov (awkward.), and Andrea Bowen (Desperate Housewives), plus the comedic talents of Megan Mullally, Natasha Lyonne, and Horatio Sanz, this high-school comedy promises to dig deep into the new gay high school reality. And it's from the director of the Tribeca-approved teen comedy Jawbreaker, Darren Stein. Check the callback to the hallway strut in the G.B.F. trailer, y'all.

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
FRI 4/19 6:00 PM 
SUN 4/21 11:30 AM 
FRI 4/26 10:00 PM 

Haute Cuisine
Based on the true story of the personal chef to French president François Mitterrand, Christian Vincent's film offers a mixture of food, politics, and carefully-navigated personal relationships as a successful restaurateur and chef tries to make it in the most prestigious kitchen in France.

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
THU 4/18 5:30 PM 
THU 4/25 6:00 PM 
SAT 4/27 1:00 PM 

I Got Somethin' to Tell You
Legendary comedian Whoopi Goldberg steps behind the camera to tell the story of one of her idols, comedy trailblazer Moms Mabley. This is a true passion project for Goldberg, who translates the boundary-shattering nature of Mabley's comedic legacy and speaks to several comedic stalwarts about her, including Bill Cosby, Eddie Murphy, and Kathy Griffin. NOTE: The April 22, 2013 screening is exclusively for American Express® Cardmembers. Learn more here: Tribeca Talks® After the Movie: I Got Somethin' to Tell You.

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
SAT 4/20 6:30 PM 
MON 4/22 6:00 PM 
TUE 4/23 8:30 PM 

The King of Comedy
Martin Scorsese's legendary darkest of dark comedies is somehow 30 years old, but the filmmaking flair and the performances of Robert DeNiro, Jerry Lewis, and Sandra Bernhard are among the freshest you'll see at the festival. This World Premiere Restoration will have you appreciating the comedic anti-genius of Rupert Pupkin as if for the first time.

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
SAT 4/27 6:00 PM 

Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic
The Tribeca Film Festival is the place to be for documentaries about legendary comedic performers this year. None may be more powerful that this moving portrait of Richard Pryor. Omit the Logic chronicles Pryor's life, his demons, his controversies, and his triumphs. NOTE: This film will be screened as part of the Tribeca Talks® After the Movie series. Learn more here: Beyond the Screens: The Artist's Angle: Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic.

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
TUE 4/23 9:30 PM 
WED 4/24 6:00 PM 
SAT 4/27 10:00 PM 


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