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Large naked sister

TFI Film Fellow Shares Her Fears About the Industry

When news surfaced last week about the American Civil Liberties Union’s efforts to turn the film and TV industries’ lack of female directors into a civil rights issue, the natural reaction was to think about filmmakers like Ava DuVernay and Elizabeth Banks, the women who’ve been able to make an impact in Hollywood despite its gender inequality. And while A-list talents of their caliber warrant the consideration, they’re not the only women who deserve recognition in this debate. It’d be criminal to overlook the young, aspiring women directors on the verge of entering the non-inclusive industry.

One such young lady is Stephanie Cherng, the 17-year-old Brooklyn native whose short film The Naked Sister screened at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Currently a student at BK’s Midwood High School, she’s also one of the Tribeca Film Institute’s 2015 film fellows, giving her a year-long mentorship opportunity as she prepares for her freshman year at SUNY Purchase’s film school.

Cherng’s future looks promising, no doubt, but that doesn’t mean she’s feeling 100% confident about the road ahead. In an MTV News article posted earlier today, Cherng voiced her concerns. “Honestly, I am really scared,” says Cherng in the article. “You worry about, in terms of the percentage of females in the industry, you get kind of scared. Sometimes I’m like oh my god, am I making the right choices? Is film school really the right choice for me?”

Check out the full story over at MTV for Cherng’s thoughts on why her filmmaking dreams will supersede any worries about Hollywood’s male-dominated terrain.