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TFF Made Its ‘Newsroom’ Debut Last Night

Aaron Sorkin, we wish you could have met Daniel Craig too!

During the final five minutes of last night’s episode of "The Newsroom," (you know, that HBO show that aired when Brooklyn was being stormed by all those eager VMA-loving teenyboppers) we nearly dropped our spoonful of Ben & Jerry’s when Jane Fonda’s Leona Lansing name-checked the Tribeca Film Festival!

As you may recall, the 2012 TFI Benefit Screening of Skyfall happened to take place during Hurricane Sandy. Understandably, the cast and crew were unable to attend the event due to the weather. Unfortunately, that included Daniel Craig. Well, Aaron Sorkin (who wrote last night’s episode) is still reeling from his missed opportunity to meet James Bond in person.

Aaron Sorkin, wherever you are, if you want to attend this year’s Benefit Screening, let us know! Given that the featured film is still to be determined, we can’t promise Daniel Craig, but you never know who else might show up…


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