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Interact With Our TFF Filmmakers Like Never Before

By putting you in the director's chair, we can guarantee you'll never look at an interview (or Lil’ Bub!) the same way again.

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Gone are the days of the passive viewer. To celebrate the impending 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, we’re happy to offer movie lovers the chance to engage with our Festival filmmakers in an entirely new way. Using Interlude’s unique platform, we’ve taken some of our favorite interviews from last year’s Festival and turned them into an interactive experience. As the viewer, you can choose the content of the interview by clicking on different prompts that lead to different answers.

Through these candid conversations, audiences are able to gain unique insight into the creative process of some of our standout TFF Filmmakers. Watch clips from the films themselves, and interact with cast members so that you can appreciate the production from different vantage points.  

The best part is that you call the shots! You can focus on the filmmaker’s inspiration, get insights into the challenges of shooting the film, or learn about the TFF experience from the filmmaker’s point of view. If this collaborative approach sounds daunting, don’t worry. Our Chief Creative Officer Geoffrey Gilmore and Director of Programming Genna Terranova will guide you through the process.

We’ve gathered 9 interviews from last year’s amazing crop that each focus on different elements of the filmmaking process. You’ll be able to hear directly from the people behind such Festival favorites as Bending Steel, The Broken Circle Breakdown, Deep Powder, Fresh Meat, Lil’ Bub & Friendz, Mistaken For Strangers, Moms Mabley: I Got Somethin’ to Tell You, Oxyana, and What Richard Did.

Our goal is for you to come to this year’s Festival with an insider’s knowledge of how the Festival works and what it means to the aspiring and veteran filmmakers who make what we do possible. We hope to see you in the Spring!

Interviews shot by All:Expanded, LLC
Director of Production: Michelle Carney
Producer: Abigail Bahret
Editors: John Carlucci
                 Sebastian Rea
Special thanks to Interlude



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