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Elisa Padula- @shotbyelisa for Street Dreams Magazine

Tribeca 2016: Best Moments at the Hub

Catch up with all of the VR projects, celebrity panels, live musical performances, and more that have turned the Festival Hub into Tribeca 2016's hot spot.

Although the Tribeca Film Festival takes over various locations throughout Downtown Manhattan, as well as a few spots uptown, the Festival Hub is its epicenter. It's the place where filmmakers, innovators, press, and attendees all gather all 12 days to experience some of the Festival's biggest events, not to mention all of the Fest's virtual reality and experiential storytelling.

This year, the Festival Hub is where you can listen to Jodie Foster talk shop, watch Broad City's Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer be naturally hilarious, hear Juliette Lewis and her band rock out, walk alongside the nearly extinct northern white rhinoceros, feel the shock of police brutality firsthand, and dance with animated characters to a Future Islands song. Talk about variety, right?

Our exclusive photo gallery, which you can check out above, is your chance to either relive or experience for the first time everything that has gone down inside the Festival Hub at Tribeca 2016.



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