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Get Rush Tickets At TFF 2015

“Sold out” are two words you’ll never hear at TFF.

Photo credit: Sean Dougherty for Street Dreams

There’s no need to panic if you see the word “Rush” at a screening or an event that you’re dying to attend at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. To make it possible for as many movie lovers as possible to take in our stellar line-up, we use a RUSH Ticket policy for every film and event at the Festival.

If you see that a film is on RUSH, that means only that there are no more tickets available for purchase at this current time, which is a critical distinction. Think of waiting on the RUSH line like being on stand-by for a flight but with the odds of success being much, much better.

Our RUSH Ticket process is easy to follow, but unfortunately, there are no guarantees. For each film or panel offering Rush tickets, a line will start 45 minutes before the event’s start time. At exactly 15 minutes before the film or panel begins, movie fans at the beginning of the line will be able to purchase RUSH tickets as capacity allows.

RUSH tickets are not discounted. Festivalgoers should expect to pay the same price as they would for tickets purchased in advance at our various venues: Bow Tie Cinemas Chelsea, Regal Battery Park Stadium, SVA Theatre, Spring Studios and BMCC Tribeca PAC. There is also a limit of one RUSH ticket per person.

Again, we can't guarantee that if you're in the line, you'll be able to get in. However, it’s definitely worth a try if you're able to show up 45 minutes in advance.

Remember: you can also participate in our Film for All Friday on April 24, sponsored by AT&T. On that date, film screenings will be completely and totally free for Festivalgoers! Click here for more details.


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