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Large six acts   sivan levy   photo by ziv mamon presscropped

Tribeca Film Acquires the TFF 2013 Israeli Drama ‘Six Acts’

This provocative coming-of-age drama follows an average teenaged girl who takes drastic measures to be popular, to her own detriment.

Six Acts, the harrowing film from director Jonathan Gurfinkel, was easily one of the most talked about entries at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. Written by Rona Segel, this racy teen drama explores blurred lines of consent as one 16-year-old girl uses her body to gain favor with the popular group of boys at school. Featuring a star-making performance by newcomer Sivan Levy, the film won the Israeli Film Competition awards for best actress, script and debut film at the 2012 Haifa International Film Festival.

In case you missed its North America premiere at this year’s Festival, we’re pleased to announce that Tribeca Film will distribute Six Acts this fall. Chief Creative Officer Geoff Gilmore described Six Acts in glowing terms: “Six Acts tackles head-on the contradictions and desires of a young woman’s coming of age. It triggers a complex set of emotions, (on screen and off), that range from her naïve but calculated attempts for acceptance and status, and the chaotic contemporary position of girls in a teen culture that is both exploitative yet empowering.” He went on to add: “Johnathan Gurfinkel’s directorial debut is as stimulating as it subtle in this raw authentic depiction of kids and sex.”

Intrigued? Look for Six Acts on VOD and digital platforms beginning October 22. A limited theatrical release is scheduled for October 25. 


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