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Watch This TDIA Acceptance Video From Kanye West and Rick Rubin Video description

Watch This TDIA Acceptance Video From Kanye West and Rick Rubin

West and Rubin accept the award on behalf of one of the most unique honorees at this year’s Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards - the Roland TR-808 drum machine.

Although producer Rick Rubin and Yeezus a.k.a Kayne West will be not be attending this year’s TDIAs on Friday, April 25 in person, they will be there in more than spirit. The duo will accept a Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award on behalf of the Roland 808 via the above video, directed by the one and only Mark Romanek. This remarkable piece of equipment was one of the first programmable drum machines made in the early 80s, and it is being celebrated for its contribution to hip hop.

Kayne West named his fourth studio album 808s & Heartbreak in honor of the machine, so no wonder he is taking part in the accolades. Get this exclusive peek at the acceptance video that will be shown officially at the 5th annual Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards ceremony.

If you want to attend the ceremony in person, you can still purchase our Tribeca Innovation Week Pass right here.


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