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Tonight: The Colombian Film Festival Kicks off at Tribeca Cinemas

The Colombian Film Festival will open tonight with 'Gabo,' a documentary about Gabriel García Márquez.

In recent years, Colombia's film industry has flourished as the country's rich cultural varieties and turbulent history have provided fodder for storytellers. This week, the Colombian International Film Festival in New York will showcase a unique selection of feature films and documentaries that offer dramatic portraits of Colombian lives, both ordinary and extraordinary, even as the country straddles a critical moment in its history, standing on the brink of either war or peace.

The Colombian Film Festival was founded in Manhattan in October 2012 by Juan Carvajal, with the aim of bringing closer and connecting the diaspora of the country to its talent and roots. 

Here are three festival picks to get you started. Tickets are now on sale! 

Gabo - This documentary follows Gabriel García Márquez from his beginnings, born between poverty and violence on the northern Caribbean coast of Colombia, along his path across continents and genres to become one of the most recognizable voices of twentieth century literature, revered by poets, politicians, and revolutionaries alike. His magical and sensual sensibility allowed him to transform the tableaus from his childhood and the politcal upheavals of the 70s into such masterpieces as One Hundred Years of Solitude and The Autumn of the Patriarch.

Tres Escapularios (Three Scapulars) - Nico and Lorraine must kill a former militant whose statements have caused the bombing of a guerrilla camp. Nico belongs to the urban guerrillas of Bogotá, and has never killed anyone before. Lorena, however, is a combatant from Santa Marta well acquainted with death. What is more, she is thirsty for revenge, having lost her boyfriend and her son in the bombing.

Dos Mujeres, Una vaca (Two Women, One cow) - After months without news of Pastor, his wife Hermelinda receives a letter. Eager to know the content, she persuades Rosana, who also does not know how to read, to accompany her to the nearest village in search of someone who can decipher the writing.  

You can buy tickets via eventbrite here.


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