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Tomorrow at Tribeca: Film for All Friday!

The best things in life are free, so go to the movies (it's on us)!

VDKA 6100 is proud to bring you Tomorrow at Tribeca, an evening editorial series that highlights the next day’s TFF 2014 screenings, events, and panels.VDKA 6100 is dedicated to keeping movie lovers and Festival enthusiasts current on all the latest, breaking Festival news.  

The time is nigh! AT&T, our presenting sponsor, joins TFF to bring movie lovers the opportunity to participate in Film for All Friday tomorrow, April 25th. This first-time Festival event gives film and Festival enthusiasts the opportunity to attend all screenings on that special day for FREE. Hopefully you've already gotten your tickets for this awesome event. 

If you haven't, try your luck in the RUSH line. 

Above all, make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before the advertised screening time, or suffer from Festival FOMO


ESPN Panel: Shooting and Scoring 

What makes us cheer with every goal, touchdown, or homerun, and our hearts drop when our favorite teams lose? Friday Night Lights and State of Play Doc Series’ Pete Berg talks with journalist Wesley Morris about the difference between audiences and fans & how to tell a true sports story. This event requires tickets. 

Apple Store Panel: Palo Alto

Join Director Gia Coppola and Actor Emma Roberts for a behind-the-scenes conversation about their new film, moderated by Anne Thompson. This is a free event and does not require tickets. 


Possibilia: Endless Paths for Interactive Filmmaking

The world premiere of two interactive films created by acclaimed directors DANIELS. The films' directors and cast will present a live screening of Possibilia with real time choices being made on stage, before the audience's eyes.


Saturday....Art and Craft, Bad Hairand Mala Mala...


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