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Today at Tribeca: David Denby, A.O. Scott and the Battle for amFAR

Take a long lunch break today and join us at 92Y Tribeca for our Future of Film Series with The Verge.

It’s never just an ordinary Tuesday at Tribeca. Talents like Paul Verhoeven, Q-Tip, Todd Haynes, Chris Hardwick, David Gordon Green and more graced our TFF stages for various panels and events yesterday. If you were among our lucky audience members, you would know that they brought their expertise and wit to each topic they discussed.

Another famous face to appear last night at TFF was our 42nd president Bill Clinton. He introduced the world premiere of Bridegroom, the documentary that provides an intensely personal examination of the on-going debate over marriage equality. Read what he had to say here.

Today’s Events:

Our Future of Film Series with the Verge, co-sponsored by Sony and GE FOCUS FORWARD, continues today.

New Standards, New Aesthetics

Josh Topolsky (EIC of The Verge) explores ever-changing creative formats with the industry players who are driving the revolution. Panelists include Alec Shapiro, President of Sony, Professional Solutions of America; Josh Scherr from Naughty Dog; and, Christina Voros, Director/Cinematographer.

The Death of Film? Answers and Arguments

Josh Topolsky (EIC of The Verge) interviews two titans of the film industry – A.O. Scott and David Denby – to elicit their thoughts about the future of film.

And then there is the remarkable documentary The Battle of amfAR, which chronicles a moment during the darkest days of the AIDS pandemic when two women from very different walks of life take a stand together. After the screening of this intriguing film, stay for a conversation with special guests Dr. Mathilde Krim, global health consultant and activist Regan Hofmann, and amfAR CEO Kevin Robert Frost as they review recent strides in AIDS research including the development of new treatments. Moderated by amfAR chairman Kenneth Cole. 

Tomorrow’s Events:

Learn from doing. With expanding options in digital cameras and lens combinations, along with a transparency of production workflow strategies and processes, directors, producers and cinematographers are learning more from each other than ever before. Panavision’s New Filmmaker Program supports filmmakers by providing grants for camera packages. Come and hear from the new TFF filmmakers who have  created exceptional films like Bluebird, The Pretty One, A Birder’s Guide to Everything, Run and Jump and Alex Karpovsky as they discuss navigating the world of digital filmmaking.  This fascinating discussion is part of our Tribeca Talks Industry®: New Filmmakers in the Digital Age series. Moderated by Panavision's Peter Brogna. Sponsored by Panavision.

Neil’s Jordan Byzantium makes its U.S premiere on Thursday. Starring Gemma Arterton, Saoirse Ronan, Sam Riley, and Jonny Lee Miller, this film tells the story of sisters Eleanor and Clara, who under goes dramatic changes after finding shelter in the Byzantium Hotel. Sheltered Eleanor begins to step out from the shadow of her older sister as enters into a relationship with a local boy.  The drama comes when she endangers herself and her sister by revealing who (and what) she truly is. Buy tickets here.

We invite you to spend your Thursday at the movies. You can still purchase tickets for a bunch of great TFF movies if you hurry.  Join us for Cycling with Moliere, Harmony Lessons, Red Obsession, Lil Bub & Friendz, Michael H. Profession: Director, Hide Your Smiling Faces, Ali Blue Eyes, Six Acts, The Moment, Bridegroom, What Richard Did, Out of Print, Wadjda, Oxyana, Northwest, Greetings From Tim Buckley, Project, The Pretty One, The Motivation, Flex Is Kings, Just a Sigh, and Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?




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