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Tickets Now on Sale for Exclusive 2015 Tribeca Film Festival Titles at Rooftop Films' Summer Series

Rooftop Films' Summer Series, which is quickly becoming one of New York City's coolest summer pastimes, allows film lovers to see some of the most buzzed-about indie films in large (and cheap!) outdoor screenings all across Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens from late May through the end of August.

The non-profit has just released their official summer schedule and the selections are totally tantalizing. Why pay for another ill-made Marvel movie when you can see Sean Baker's rapturously-received L.A. odyssey Tangerine (shot entirely on iPhone!), or Digging for Fire, Joe Swanberg's newest experiment in star-studded improv drama, or Jason Schwartzman in his latest oddball metropolitan mope-fest 7 Chinese Brothers, among fellow New York cinephiles?

Or better yet, catch up with some of the premier titles from the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, like the celebrated documentary The Wolfpack, the "interactive social experiment" {The And}, or the award-winning Men Go to Battle, an inventive blend of Civil War epic and intimate, DIY indie.

Tickets for most of these screenings and many, many more are already available and absolutely worth making time for. Because in a summer full of redundant reboots and superficial superheroes, transferring the communal experience of movie-watching to gorgeous outdoor venues with better movies (and no bedbugs!) should be a total no-brainer.