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This Weekend's Indies: 'Obvious Child,' 'Ping Pong Summer,' 'Supermensch' & More

Opening in limited release today: a pregnant comedian unsure of her future, the hip hop ping pong movie to end all hop hop ping pong movies, Mike Myers' directorial debut, and more.

Obvious Child : Brooklyn comedian Donna Stern (Jenny Slate) finds herself single, jobless, and pregnant all the same time. Faced with difficult decisions concerning her pregnancy and unexpected love interest, Donna learns that with independence comes the ability to rely on others. 

Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon : Mike Myer's directorial debut documents the life of Shep Gordon—the man behind-the-scenes of some of Hollywood's most reknown artists. After moving to LA straight out of college, Gordon by chance befriended rockstars Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison and ended up in music management. Myers outlines Gordon's life from his '70s "get the money" attitude to his current goal of starting a family. A TFF2014 selection.

BorgmanAlex Van Warmerdam's psychological thriller follows the story of Camiel Borgman (Jan Bijvoet), a vagrant living in an underground den who finds himself at the wealthy household of Richard (Jeroen Perceval), Marina (Hadewych Minis), and their three children. Van Warmerdam plays with the audience's psyche, making them unsure of whether Borgman is the victim or the perpetrator as he gains the trusts of Marina and her daughter Isolde. 

Ping Pong Summer: It's the summer of 1985, and Rad Miracle (Marcello Conte) and his family head to Ocean City for their annual summer vacation. Down at the shore, Rad experiences his first moments of adolescence as he surrounds himself with those who share his two passions in life: hip hop and ping pong. 

The Sacrament: Two journalists set out to film their friend's journey of finding his sister at "Eden Parish", a self-sustained religious community led by a mysterious man called "the father". They quickly come to realize that this seemingly perfect society has much darker secrets that unravel as they record the events that take place over the course of several terrifying days.

Trust Me: Howard Holloway (Clark Gregg) struggles to succeed in his career as an agent for child actors. Just as he's about to decide that nice guys always finish last, he meets Lydia (Saxon Sharbino), a 13-year-old prodigy who brings him the biggest deal of his lifetime. Together, they dodge and duck the saboteurs of Howard's career, and learn about each other and what it takes to succeed in their industry.

Anna: John Washington (Mark Strong) is a detective with the special ability to enter people's minds and memories. This ability comes to use when he encounters Anna (Taissa Farmiga), a troubled teen accused of an attempted triple homicide. 


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