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This Weekend's Indies: 'Mistaken for Strangers,' 'Finding Vivian Maier,' 'Breathe In,' & More

Opening in limited release: life on tour through the eyes of an outsider, a nanny with an enormous talent for the creative, a family’s life is forever changed by a stranger, two young brothers are forced to contemplate mortality after a tragedy, and a man confronts corruption.

Mistaken for Strangers: Tom Berninger films his experience on tour with older brother Matt's band The National. The brothers discover that for all their differences, they share something unique.  This film premiered at TFF 2013

Finding Vivian Maier: After winning boxes of her undeveloped film, filmmaker John Maloof sets out to discover the woman behind the incredible photos. What he finds is the story of a world-class artist and all the people who never knew it. 

Breathe In: Guy Pearce, Felicity Jones, and Amy Ryan star in this film about a foreign exchange student who comes to live with a a musician and his family. Her host family is in awe of the teenager's maturity, but soon find their lives being changed in irreversible ways. 

Hide Your Smiling Faces: This coming-of-age drama from Tribeca Film follows two brothers and their reactions to a tragic death in their community. Suddenly, the world becomes much more complicated and much more sinister than they are prepared to deal with. 

The Raid 2: In this sequel to The Raid: Redemption, Rama battles against police corruption and organized crime. The action-packed crime/thriller pits the common man against problems bigger than he could ever imagine. 


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