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This Weekend's Indies: 'Le Week-end,' 'On My Way,' 'Enemy' & More

Opening in limited release today: a couple's attempt to reignite their love in the City of Lights, Catherine Deneuve's latest drama, a man whose doppelgänger lives on screen, a book heist, and a man trying to win the contest that has haunted him for decades.

Le Week-end: Meg and Nick are in a rut. In one last attempt to save their marriage, the couple takes a second honeymoon to Paris, only to find that their arguing is making the trip anything but sweet. Will they be able to re-kindle their love, or have they grown too far apart?

On My Way: Catherine Deneuve stars in this dramedy about a woman who has lived her whole life with only herself to account for. Now, facing financial crisis, she attempts to reconnect with the family she's neglected, and embarks on a roadtrip with her grandson. 

Enemy: Denis Villeneuve directs and Jake Gyllenhaal stars in this thriller following a man who finds his look-alike in a movie one night. As he tracks down the actor, the lines between their lives become blurred, until both are left asking who is the copy. 

The Art of the Steal: In this ensemble comedy, a washed up thief-turned-daredevil decides to pull one last job. He's got his team all picked out, and his target set. The only thing that can stop them is themselves! 

Bad Words: How do you spell "desperate?" 40-something year old Guy Trilby can't tell you; he's too busy trying to beat eighth graders in a spelling bee. Taking "living in the past" to the max, this is Guy's last chance to win the bee. 



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