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This Weekend's Indies: 'Go For Sisters', 'The Armstrong Lie', and More

Opening in limited release today: John Sayles' latest, a dramatic comedy about a wedding and a funeral, a film about love in a military state, and the documentary 'The Armstrong Lie'.

Go For Sisters: John Sayles' newest film follows former best friends Fontayne (Yolanda Ross) and Bernice (LisaGay Hamilton) as they search for Fontayne's missing son at the Mexican border. As Bernice assumes the role of Fontayne's parole officer, the women encounter all kinds of people and find themselves questioning how they became so different from each other. 

Best Man Down: Justin Long stars in this movie about a couple that puts their honeymoon on hold in order to arrange their best man's funeral. This dark comedy from Ted Koland asks about the meaning of best friendships, old friendships, and whether the two are one and the same.  How I Live Now: Kevin MacDonald directs this adaptation of Meg Rosoff's novel. The great Saoirse Ronan stars as Daisy, an American teenager sent off to live in the English countryside home of relatives for a bit. While there, war propels the country into a military state and the family is separated. Daisy must try her hardest to get back to the one she loves.  The Armstrong Lie: Once the source of great pride, Lance Armstrong is now the poster child for the gross immoral failings of the competitive sporting industry. Alex Gibney had intended to tell the story of Armstrong's repeated triumphs, but once the doping scandal was revealed, a new story emerged. 


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