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Don't Miss Jude Law and Jennifer Aniston in This Weekend's Indies

A look at what's opening this weekend including Cake which returns to theaters after it's widely debated Oscar snub.

Cake: Lauded as Jennifer Aniston's Monster and as this year's most egregious snub, Cake makes a return to theaters after it's qualifying run late last year. Dealing with chronic pain and a pill addiction, Aniston's Claire is coarse, brusque, and a significant departure from the actress's previous work. Judge for yourself how award-worthy her performance is this weekend. 

Black Sea: Taking place almost entirely inside a submarine, Black Sea has Jude Law captaining a mismatched crew in pursuit of a long-abandoned U-boat filled with Nazi treasure. Daring as it is claustrophobic, Black Sea succesffully combines the best parts of heist movies and seafaring adventures. 

Mommy:  25-year-old Quebecois filmmaker Xavier Dolan first drew the world's attention with I Killed My Mother, which earned the then-20-year-old director several awards at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. Dolan's work since (Heartbeats, Laurence Anyways) has continuted to stun international festival audiences, and he returns again with Mommy, which tells the volatile story of a single mother and troubled son. 

Red Army: This is not your average sports doc. Slava Fetisov, captain of the USSR's winning ice hockey team, narrates his story from the other side of the Cold War, charting the teams' trajectory alongside the rise and fall of the Soviet regime. Fetisov's admirable resillience against sportsmen and politicians alike lends a pathos to the documentary.


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