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This Weekend's Indies: 'Gimme Shelter,' 'Visitors,' 'Gloria' & More

Opening in limited release today: Vanessa Hudgens' new drama, a documentary about man's latest relationship, a comedy about finding love in all the wrong places, a thriller set by a tranquil lake, a woman trying to help her family regain normalcy, and LARPing gets real.

Gimme Shelter: Based on a true story, this film follows a pregnant teenager's quest to find the family she's always needed. Vanessa Hudgens, Rosario Dawson, Brendan Fraser, and James Earl Jones star. 

Visitors: In this gorgeous collaborative project between director/writer Godfrey Reggio and musician Philip Glass, Visitors shows humankind's growing dependence on technology. Using emotive images and carefully crafted musical movements, we learn to ask, "why?"

Gloria: Gloria loves life, music, and fun. The man she falls in love with must be willing to give himself to her, with nothing held back. When she meets a man at a club, it seems they were made for each other, until she finds out that he's still married. 

Stranger by the Lake:​ An attractive stranger has caught the attention of Franck while vacationing one summer. Determined to have a love affair on the sandy beach, he watches the other man's every move. But does Franck have a reason to be afraid of him?

Run & Jump: This charming romantic drama was a Tribeca Film Festival 2013 Official Selection. After a stroke completely changes a husband/father's personality, an American doctor goes to Ireland to observe his family. Will Forte stars. 

Knights of Badassdom: LARPing (live-action role-playing) gets the big screen treatment in this buddy comedy. After someone accidentally summons a demon mid-game, it's up to these unlikely heroes to send her back from whence she came. Peter Dinklage, Ryan Kwanten, Danny Pudi, Summer Glau, and Steve Zahn star. 


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