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'The Apu Trilogy' Restored | The 'X-Files' Returns | NYC in the 90s

Your #tbt edition of cultural currency.

A Major Restoration of The Apu Trilogy 
What you need to know: The folks at Janus films recently announced a 4k restoration of classic Bengali filmmaker Satyajit Ray's Apu trilogy, complete with new subtitles. This news comes as a relief after the original negatives of the series (which includes Pather Panchali, Aparajito, Apur Sansar) were damaged in a fire in 1993. Since technology has caught up with the situation, we can now expect to see a carefully restored version when it plays at Film Forum on May 8.
Tribeca says: A hopeful story of restoration as the future of celluloid looks ever more bleak.

The X-Files Returns
What you need to know: By now, everyone's heard of the proposed X-Files reboot, but the details are scarce. The six-episode limited season promises David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson on board with original X-Files creator Chris Carter at the helm, staying true to the key players that made the show such a hit in the 90s. The series' return is set up to please nostalgic X-Files fans everywhere while also indicating that the 13 year break has only made the world weirder.  
Tribeca says: The truth is out there (likely in binge-watch form.)

Monica Lewinsky's Ted Talk
What you need to know: In the vein of 90s nostalgia, Monica Lewinsky, who has stayed relatively undercover since her name made global headlines almost 20 years ago, returned to the public eye recently to talk about the culture of shaming in the digital age. Now in her 40s, Lewinsky told her story in the form of a TED Talk, cautioning her listeners away from the bloodlust for public scandal. 
Tribeca says: Love her or hate her, her warning rings true.

The Outer Boroughs in the 1990s
What you need to know: The NYPL recently collected a number of images from photographer William Meyers of the outer boroughs (Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island) as they were in the 90s. Meyers, who considers himself more of an art photographer than a documetnarian, describes the project as more of a cultural study than a collection. The photographs will be on view in the NYPL 42nd St location through June 30.
Tribeca says: Change might be the spirit of NYC, but these neighborhoods are almost unrecognizable now. 

Sylvester Stallone's Kill Count
What you need to know: While supercut videos are not few or far-in-between, you have to admire the time and dedication it must have taken to put together this 34-minute long assemblage of every kill Sylvester Stallone has made on camera. Totalling a whopping 539 kills and 71 edits, you will not find a more comprehensive detail of Stallone's work - or a more comprehensive supercut, it would seem. 
Tribeca says: Weren't there 539 kills in The Expendables alone?


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