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See One Man’s Struggle Post-Sandy in ‘The Rider and the Storm’ Video description

See One Man’s Struggle Post-Sandy in ‘The Rider and the Storm’

To mark the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, this remarkable TFF 2013 documentary short focuses on one man who lost everything but hope in the fires at Breezy Point.

Directed by TFF alums David Darg and Bryn Mooser (Baseball in the Time of Cholera, Sun City Picture House), The Rider and the Storm follows Timmy Brennan, a New York ironworker and surf enthusiast who lost everything in the Breezy Point fires during Hurricane Sandy. Undaunted, Brennan revels in the gift of a new surfboard from his community as he attempts to salvage personal effects from his and his mother’s homes.

Honored by the generosity of those around him, Brennan hits the waves to begin the healing process. If you feel inspired after watching Timmy Brennan’s story, here’s how you can take action and help those still affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. 


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